Any club is only as successful as the members it contains, and as all of you know there is plenty of work that goes into running the club and organising the teams and games. So here is a list of tasks assigned to the relevant people for each game, to ensure things run smoothly.

Skipper’s Responsibilities

The following duties will be the responsibility of the captain for each game and will be indicated by a “C” on the team list.

  1. Confirm you have full team and that everyone is aware of transport arrangements, ensuring the full team arrives at the venue on-time.
  2. Arrange to have an appropriate match ball and scorebook for every game
  3. Ensure you have a few used balls with varying degrees of use, in case a ball is lost in the outfield.
  4. Be on-time to meet umpires (during league games) and present them with your full team list and match ball.
  5. Be on-time to meet opposing captain and do coin-toss… although we would prefer it, it is not a prerequisite to win the toss.
  6. All other captaincy tasks such as bowling & batting line-ups
  7. Managing the players on and off the field and assisting umpires where necessary
  8. Completing the BCF match form as accurately and neatly as possible. Ensuring all required signatures are on the form.
  9. For home games, fax/email BCF match form/s to relevant person on first working day after game.

Match Manager’s Responsibilities

The following duties will be the responsibility of the Match Manager for each game and will be indicated by an “M” on the team list… Each member of the club will be assigned the MM duties for at least one game during the season. While it is the MM responsibility to ensure these tasks are done, it is up to the entire team to assist with these tasks. I request that all members be aware that the following jobs need to get done before leaving the cricketing venue. Points 4-13 are for HOME games only

  1. Scorebook needs to be finalised and stats sheet to be filled in and sent to Guy on the next working day after the match
  2. Someone needs to be nominated to write Match report for publication on website – sent to Guy with stats sheet and a team picture or a picture that captures an event of the day – THIS IS NOW A REQUIREMENT TO HAVE THE STATS PUBLISHED
  3. Collect Match Fees – €10.00 for home & €5.00 for away games are collected from each person, then give money to the captain or do a bank transfer to the club account.
  4. Club clean up – check change-rooms, bar area, outside area and kitchen. No bottles lying around, all glasses washed,
  5. All cups and cutlery washed and repacked into cupboards BEFORE departure… ie. dishwasher needs to be put on before game finishes so that it can be emptied.
  6. Floors of change-rooms, kitchen and bar area in good condition. Wash if needed.
  7. Wickets & bails must be stored back in entrance of the club.
  8. Bar stocked – please FILL fridge with beer and soft drinks so next game has cold beverages. Check stock of soft drinks and beers in store room and advise Pierre if short (ie. Only 1 case left)
  9. Check fridge in kitchen – throw away food that has been left in there for more than a few days
  10. Check the stocks of: Plastic plates, plastic knives and forks, toilet paper, chips, chocolates. Let Pierre know if short.
  11. Make sure all chalkboard purchases are paid before individuals leave the club, unpaid bar tabs will be noted and sent to Pierre next working day after the game to be chased up.
  12. Check that all lights are off (incl. bathroom)
  13. Lock gate and go home…

NOTE: Failure to fulfil duties will result in the whole team paying a €5 fine each!!! If we cannot keep the club in a good state we need to pay someone to do it… and the fines will help pay for that.

The Team Responsibilities

The following is expected to be adhered to if you have been selected to play in an RBCC game.

  1. Selected team members that can no longer participate after the final team list has been communicated should contact the captain by phone, giving adequate time (ie. The day before the game at the latest)… should a member pull out of a match on the morning of the game, it is their responsibility to find a replacement… Make sure you take note of captains telephone numbers as it is no excuse to say you sent an email to a work address over the weekend.
  2. All members are expected to arrive on-time and stay the full duration of the game… It is a team sport, and as such should arrive and depart as a team. Should a member get hurt, or for any other reason not be able to continue to play, unless totally unavoidable, that member is expected to stay with the team and assist from the side-lines (eg. Scoring, umpiring, etc, etc)
  3. It up to every individual selected for a team to make the selectors and captains aware that they will require transport to and from the game, and every effort should be made to meet at the collection point on-time, or to contact the captains if you are running late. The same applies for those members that have kindly offered lifts to the venue.
  4. It is up to every team member to ensure they are wearing the correct club kit (club shirts & cap and jumper if it is cold – especially for league games). Extra club shirts/jumpers/caps can all be purchases from the club if you need additional ones. We should all do our best to at least look like we are from the same club… ie. University or other club cricket jumpers, random sports caps, etc, etc should only be worn during friendly games.
  5. Like the MM position, every member will be expected to provide teas for home games at least once during the season. The teas should be prepared BEFORE the game so it is ready at tea time. Please consider the opposition cultures and respect them when preparing teas. The person responsible for teas will be reimbursed €40 and should assist with collecting match fees and tidying up bar area and kitchen after the game. The balance of € 70 (11 players considered) should be passed onto to the Captain or transferred to club account. Also ensure the urn/kettle is full and switched on for teas.
  6. Accepting umpires decisions is part of the game, while you might feel hard done by or cheated, verbally disputing the umpire’s decision or showing contempt will not change their minds, and you will only run the risk of being reported and possibly suspended from playing the next few games… please show discipline at all times during the game.