Refugee Tournament

On Saturday, RBCC put on a great tournament for young refugees in bright sunshine with a slight north wind chill to it.

We planned the event together with the BCF which is working with the Belgium government to integrate young asylum seekers in to Belgium life.

7 centres of refugee minors from across Wallonia and Brussels were selected to participate, although 9 turned up to play on the day. The ground was full with around 150 odd players together with their coordinators. RBCC fielded anĀ  U17 team for the first time in recent history. It was a great day for them for team bonding to launch the season, and they showed an impressive work ethic for training drills, staying together when off the field all day and congratulating each other with flamboyant high fives on the field.

Refugee tournament3

We planned a hardball tournament but swiftly changed to tape ball after the complications of kit sharing became apparent. Just as well or we would have broken every bat in the club with these guys hard hitting sixes. 6 over format, 1 over / bowler with out a break. The tournament started at 10 and the final finished in the late evening before prize giving at 9pm.

A huge thanks to the RBCC helpers who made it all possible. Manuj and Phil Uzupris made a heroic marathon umpiring session almost unbroken throughout the day, and dealt calmly and coolly with the hot headed debates as tension mounted towards the final. Kevin Goodall filled a book with his scoring all day. Faroukh created a fantastic curry which fed the seemingly five thousand hungry mouths, with great help from Clare Hope and the Mr Choudhry.

Refugee tournament

Off the field we had catching, bowling and fielding competitions to keep the interest fired up. There was a lot of excitement with a bowl off to determine the finalists, a Quatrick of wickets and a 90 run 6 over innings.

We got a big thanks from the Fedasil (government) boss who came for lunch and the boys left the ground full of medals, trophies and in high song. The BCF gave each centre 2 new bats and stump sets to go home with. The day was judged a great success and once again huge thanks to all the hard work of the few to make it happen, and we have high hopes for the U17s who gelled with one great win over a tough opposition.

Refugee tournament2