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RBCC lost by 2 wickets

Match Report

RBCC captain Mr. Manuj Khanna won the toss on bright sunny day of 12/05/2018 and elected to bat first. Deepak Kumar and Asama Muslimyar opened the innings from RBCC. RBCC suffered an early loss when Deepak kumar got bowled by an inswing delivery from W. Khan. Deepak Kumar was not expecting the bowl to swing that much. Jawad Mian was the next man in who joined Asama in the middle. They both steadied the ship and try to build a nice partnership with Assama being the aggressor. The moment when Assama was looking good, he got caught playing a lofted hot. Now, it was the time for the captain to lead from the front but he got bowled by an amazing inswing delievery from Sarfraz Khan who was using the swing conditions very well. The loss of the captain’s wicket was a big blow to the RBCC. Incoming batsmen, Prateek Gupta, Vinay Gupta and Arun Thamilarasu could not make a significant impact and got out very cheaply. Then at this time of desperation, Sameel Hayat and Jawad Mian try to build a reasonable partnership but this journey proved to be short when Jawad Mian was caught on the point Naseer. Suddenly, RBCC were 108-8. Shahbaz Bashir, the debutant, joined Sameel Hayat in the middle and tried to build a steady partnership. They both batted safely and sensibly and took the innings to pass 150. After this, Sameel tried to get loose and play some short but this venture ended shortly when he got caught on extra cover. Sachin Lamichhane joined Shahbaz Bashir in the middle and he also did not survive long and got run out at 162 runs at 38.3 overs. So the MECC got 163 runs to win in 40 overs. It was a decent total to defend for RBCC.

MECC has to bat well to win this match because it was quite clear that RBCC is not letting it go easily. M. Muhammad and G Hanifullah opened the batting from MECC. The clouds suddenly covered the sky and now there were overhead conditions. Shahbaz Bashir opened the bowling from RBCC. The ball was swinging and it was getting difficult for the debutant Shahbaz Bashir. But he managed to bowl a very good first over. Prateek started the spin bowling from the other end. He got his first wicket in the match in his very first over when the batsmen got caught on point in a failed attempt to cut. I Nasser was the next man in,  and he looked quite solid out there with his nice defense. Prateek took another wicket in his second over when M Muhammad got caught by Sameel on his bowling. Prateek bowled another in coming batsmen with a faster one. With the fall of 3rd wicket of MECC, RBCC was right in the game. S. Tijender Pall also could live longer on the wicket and got out cheaply. Then the captain Deen Islam joined I. Naseer in the middle and tried to build the partnership. Deen Islam was looking good from the very first ball and looking very aggressive with hitting couple of back to back boundries. Right at the moment when partnership was building, I. Naseer felt the rush fo blood and played a lofted rash short but was put down, giving Naseer a narrow escape. Naseer got another chance when he was dropped for the2nd time. Now, both batsmen were looking comfortable and playing their shorts. But Deen Islam tried to hit a six but ended up putting the ball in the air and got caught by Sameel at the boundary. Still, a long way to go at 94, Salim Khan joined I. Naseer in the middle. I. Naseer got his splendid fifty. It was an inning of great perseverance and patience. But just after making he fifty, He tried to play an extravagant short on the ball of Vinay but got caught on the long on boundary by Prateeek Gupta.  Still more than 15 runs to get, MECC was looking desperate and RBCC was attacking all the way. RBCC got an another wicket in the form of Salim Khan when he was found guilty of playing the shot by coming down the track and got stumped by Deepak Kumar. It was an exhibition of great keeping skills by Deepak Kumar. There was a panic in the MECC camp but they got home safely with 2 wickets to spare. It was a great game of cricket because of the fight put up by RBCC. But the day belongs to MECC with being victorious.

RBCC2 vs MECC2 - 20180512


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RBCC Innings
Batsman Dismissal Runs 4's 6's
Deepak Murugan bowled 4 0 0
Asama Muslimyar caught 20 1 1
Jawad Mian caught 35 2 0
Manuj Khanna bowled 0 0 0
Prateek Gupta caught 4 1 0
Vinay Gupta LBW 8 1 0
Arun Thamilarasu caught 3 0 0
Nitesh Singh bowled 1 0 0
Sameel Hayat caught 22 1 0
Shahbaz Bashir not out 17 3 0
Sachin Lamichane run out 6 1 0
Bowling Extras 42 0 0
Totals: 162 10 1
Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets Extras
Shahbaz Bashir 4 0 25 0 6
Prateek Gupta 5 0 19 3 7
Manuj Khanna 6 0 38 1 5
Sameel Hayat 2 0 20 0 3
Vinay Gupta 8 2 13 1 0
Arun Thamilarasu 3 0 27 1 8
Jawad Mian 3 0 10 1 2
Asama Muslimyar 1 0 15 1 9
Totals: 32 2 167 8 40
Fielder Catches Stumpings Run Outs Dropped Catches
Arun Thamilarasu 1 0 0 0
Asama Muslimyar 1 0 0 0
Deepak Murugan 0 1 0 0
Nitesh Singh 0 0 0 1
Prateek Gupta 2 0 0 0
Sameel Hayat 2 0 0 1
Totals: 6 1 0 2