RBCC1 vs Liege CC (away)

Match Report

On the drive to the club on the morning of the game, the captain had a feeling of trepidation. Not only was he missing 5 of his regular starting 11, but 3 of those were front line bowlers too. Not only that, it had just started to rain as he arrived at the ground, making him question his plan should he win the toss. He lost the toss, so either way it didn’t matter. RBCC would be in the field first, having to contend with a slightly damp pitch and rather blustery conditions blowing directly down the pitch, making bowling from the Farm Field End very challenging indeed.

Ricky, earning his second 1st team cap, and bowling for the first time in the team opened from the golf course end. With the wind behind him, aided by slightly skiddy bounce and a good amount of swing, It was not long before he was celebrating his first wicket. The opening batsman from Liege having a big heave-hoe and hitting up in the air towards mid-on, where Hameel, on his debut for the RBCC 1st took a superb catch and thereby setting the tone for the rest of the game. Khuram from the other end bowling into the wind started out a bit straight and got smeared to cow corner for 4 by the Liege Captain, who, having seen that neither Brighton, Waqas or Wasooq were in the bowling racks, decided to elevate himself to opener. It was a rather uncharacteristic inning by him, swinging hard from ball one. Having hit that 3rd ball of that over for four, he was out caught by Sameel at mid-on off the last ball of that over. Ricky bowled excellently, good swing, lines and length, everything you want from your opening bowler, but was unlucky not to get the obdurate lefty who eventually, after being dropped by the skipper on 1, was out for 4 off 40. In the mean time, Khuram and the skipper had hatched a plan for the big hitting number 4, by sending the mid-off back onto the boundary where he had just hit 10 runs in 2 balls the over before. He tried it again the next over and fell to another good catch by Sameel.

Khuram getting tired in his 4 over then bowled 11 wides in one over and was replaced by Hameel. Hameel getting the first of his two in his first over LBW, and the another in his 3rd over caught behind. But he too tired and bowled 8 wides in his 4th over to be replaced by Anurag who got the 7 wicket with a ball that did nothing more than hit the batsmen on the leg right in front. Rickey finished his spell with figures on 9 overs, 2 Maidens, 21 runs and 2 wickets. Nofil then came on, and bowled an absolute rank first ball that was deposited over the boundary for 6. The next 4 balls however he had the remaining 3 batsmen out, finishing Liege off for 95 all out after just 18.5 overs.

After a 10 min turnaround and an agreement that lunch would be taken after 15 overs, Adam and Anurag set about their job. Anurag getting bowled second over put a dent in the skippers plans of winning by 10 wkts. But Mishi and Adam would see the job done, without too much fuss in just 15.5 overs. It all could have been different though had Liege not dropped Mishi on 1, just 4 balls into his innings. Mishi would finish on 57 and Adam on 22. RBCC winning by 9 wkts and a very happy skipper followed by the excellent teas provided by Liege CC.

An excellent win yes, but we still have a things we can work on, the fact that during our 18.5 over bowling innings we gave away 36 extras, 33 being wides is one of them.

Written by Gregg Hawson

RBCC1 vs Liege - 20170730


Category : League

RBCC Innings
Batsman Dismissal Runs 4's 6's
Anurag Gakhar bowled 2 0 0
Adam Pett not out 22 4 0
Mussayab Syed Jamil not out 57 10 1
Imran Fazal 0 0 0
Jawad Mian 0 0 0
Gregg Hawson 0 0 0
Nofil Aziz 0 0 0
Khuram Shahzad 0 0 0
Hameel Hayat 0 0 0
Muhammad Rehman Hussain 0 0 0
Sameel Hayat 0 0 0
Shrikant Desai 0 0 0
Bowling Extras 15 0 0
Totals: 96 14 1
Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets Extras
Muhammad Rehman Hussain 9 2 21 2 5
Khuram Shahzad 4 0 34 2 7
Hameel Hayat 4 0 28 2 8
Anurag Gakhar 1 0 3 1 1
Nofil Aziz 1 0 6 3 0
Totals: 19 2 92 10 21
Fielder Catches Stumpings Run Outs Dropped Catches
Gregg Hawson 1 0 0 1
Hameel Hayat 1 0 0 0
Nofil Aziz 1 0 0 0
Sameel Hayat 3 0 0 0
Shrikant Desai 1 0 0 0
Totals: 7 0 0 1