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RBCC won by 4 wickets

Match Report

Sunday a very sunny day perfect weather to play cricket in belgium. So match happened between RBCC vs PCCB, PCCB won the toss and elected to bat first our boys went to field on that sunny weather, Usman malik opened the bowling from golf course end with Wasooq butt, Wasooq taking down their first wicket, sachin took the catch on mid on. usman from other end was bowling very economical and from other end wasooq dismissed the other batsmen, Usman malik took the stunning catch on point.

From both end they finished their spell and Usman malik was replaced by Hameel hayat and Wasooq butt was replaced by Khurram shehzad, but they both didn’t feel right to bowl from their ends and they swiped the ends and bowled really good afterwards taking wickets.

One of their young batsmen caused us problem to bowl but Abdul basit came in and in his first ball he dismissed the young man, with Khurram taking a very good catch on leg deep.

They gave us the target of 228 to chase, after the teas our boys were ready to fight for the win.

17 years old Asama and Big Usman went to bat as opening pair. Asama facing the ball, took a single and gave strike to Usman, but Usman found it hard to score and got out, Asama was joined by Abdul Basit who also had to depart after getting bowled on 1, Asama again was joined by Hameel both of them made good partnership but they were unable to continue ahead Asama had to go back to pavillion after getting caught on fine leg. Hameel after was joined by Jitendriya who is our inform batsmen this season both of them also made a very good partnership which helped lower order batsmens to get runs without any pressure, Hameel was later out on 48, and jitendriya was joined by young sachin who was struggling to get runs in first 4 balls but he punished the bowler who was bowling him full toss balls he hit 2 boundries on fine leg both were one drop before the flags, unfortunately sachin had to depart on 11 getting bowled on a slower full toss.. jitendriya was later joined by Chris hutchins who also find difficult to score, finally the captain Usman azim went to the crease and played 43 not out and Jitendriya played 50 not out to make RBCC win the game.

Thanks to everyone who put theirĀ  effort and made possible to win the game.


Category : Friendly

RBCC Innings
Batsman Dismissal Runs 4's 6's
Asama Muslimyar caught 33 3 2
Usman Malik caught 0 0 0
Abdul Basit bowled 1 0 0
Hameel Hayat caught 48 6 2
Jitendriya Swain not out 50 9 0
Sachin Lamichane bowled 11 2 0
Chris Hutchins LBW 3 0 0
Usman Azim not out 43 4 2
Khuram Shahzad 0 0 0
Wajahat jamil Sethi 0 0 0
Wasooq Butt 0 0 0
Bowling Extras 40 0 0
Totals: 229 24 6
Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets Extras
Usman Malik 8 1 19 1 5
Wasooq Butt 6 2 23 2 0
Hameel Hayat 3 0 20 0 3
Khuram Shahzad 5 0 44 2 4
Usman Azim 2 0 30 0 4
Wajahat jamil Sethi 6 0 32 2 10
Abdul Basit 4 0 25 1 1
Chris Hutchins 3 0 8 2 0
Totals: 37 3 201 10 27
Fielder Catches Stumpings Run Outs Dropped Catches
Jitendriya Swain 1 1 0 0
Khuram Shahzad 1 0 0 0
Sachin Lamichane 1 0 0 0
Usman Azim 2 0 0 0
Usman Malik 1 0 0 0
Totals: 6 1 0 0