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RBCC lost by 1 wickets

Match Report

From early morning, the wind was silent and motionless. Trees unmoving, a scene – stationary. Yet another hot day of summer and RBCC was ready for a 40-over 12-a-side friendly encounter with ICCB. Stand-in captain Arun won the toss and elected to bat. Deepak and Asama opened the innings. With so much desperation to bat, Deepak went to the crease with a broken spectacle (thanks to his own efforts earlier in the dressing room ;-). Tight lines from ICCB, supported by some good catching, saw our top order collapse. In came Jawad to the rescue. In the company of Shahbaz, we put on a steady resistance and fought back gradually striking boundaries at regular intervals. Jawad’s batting, in every sense, was just a continuation of his good form from his previous games. The boundaries and close singles they managed were an absolute treat to watch for everyone. What once looked like a mountain – playing all the 40 – was now just a hill. And then the hiccup. Shahbaz got unlucky caught off a leading edge and the bottom order stood exposed. Despite good intentions, flashy shots cost us dear. That’s when young Sachin sprinted in and demonstrated a sensible approach towards the game that saw us finish the 40 overs with a touch above par score of 228.

With around 5.7 run rate per over to chase, the second innings could be differentiated into two phases. Sachin and Abdul started the bowling attack with the new ball. Abdul was persistent with his line and length that eventually saw the openers back at the pavilion (courtesy: Deepak & Jitendriya). Other than that, ICCB flourished & the first phase belonged almost in its entirety to them. At the end of 20 overs, they were around 140/2. The drinks helped us re-group & brought in the change – we lifted ourselves up! RBCC in the second phase where more determined in the field supporting their bowlers. Waqas bowled his heart out with so many variations picking up 3 wickets and Shahbaz on the other end bowled a very tight line giving no room for the batsman to score. The contest became closer and closer. ICCB had less than 10 runs to win with 3 wickets in hand. Abdul resumed his attack picking another 2 wickets in an over (once again, some good catching – this time from Jitendriya and Waqas).  Shahbaz took the 10th wicket with his a fast paced reverse swinger only letting the batsman edge to Deepak. In the end, the 12th man won it for ICCB.

At the start of the 2nd innings, RBCC had a comfortable total to defend. Given the start, at 20 overs, ICCB could have finished the match in a canter. That’s theory & reality by cricket. An absolute nail-biter, with some valuable takeaways and lessons learned. This match proved that a good team spirit & focus can be a serious threat to the opposition even if they are in a winning position.

That said, the man of the moment, who continued his good run with the bat that set the stage for RBCC – Jawad Mian – take a bow, sir!

RBCC vs ICCB - 20180804