RBCC host Spa Refugee Team

RBCCs XI arrived at their home ground last Wednesday to welcome a group of enthusiastic youngsters from Sept Lieues de Spa refugee center. Their eagerness to get on the field and play the game they love was evident, creating the perfect setting for a memorable evening.

Most of them being from Afghanistan, were keen to show off their bowling talents and chose to take the field first. Bowling started off with disciplined line and length. RBCC openers, Colin and Waqas demonstrated experienced and both got to 28 runs before retiring. David came on and got 28 as well, well supported by others. Sixteen, seventeen years old in the field started getting a hold of things, some catches stuck and they restricted RBCC to a total of 147.

Home side stepped on the field, very keen on making it competitive and fun for the opposition. All padded up with big smiles on their faces, supporters cheering their every move, these young cricketers created a delightful atmosphere. They didn’t only get some batting tips in the field but more important ones on proper use of protective equipment. Sadly, it came at the price of one painful blow below the waste. RBCC youngsters, Robbie, Rayan bowled very well and Mr. Chairman bowled at a deceptive pace, sprinting to pouch one off his own bowling.

Bowling star of the day though was Hashim, playing for RBCC on loan from Sept Lieues. He bowled four exceptional overs, picking up four wickets despite the usual RBCC drops. His compatriot was up to the task with the bat though and kept scoring boundaries with ease. His prolific batting took the chasing side very close, with 15 needed off the last over. But Hashim accepted this challenge and took the last wicket, ensuring a RBCC win.

The evening however was not about cracking cover drives or swinging deliveries or full length dives. The game was all about the sheer joy on display. The experience of these youngsters is beautifully summed up by comments of their coordinator from Sept Lieues, Ms. Naima – (translated from French)

“You cannot imagine how they felt good after the game, what happiness you have given them, what pleasure they took to give. It was the best day since their arrival in Belgium. They thanked me 10x, they told me also that you and all the people who greeted them were super nice, and they will never forget. They want to come back and of course already go talk to my coordinator to tell him first they spent the best day of their lives, they have met great people and they want to relive”

Best day of their lives, that’s how they described it. Everyone at RBBC should take immense pride in spreading so much happiness through the game we all love.

Written by Manuj Khanna

"Best day of their lives since arriving in Belgium"

“Best day of their lives since arriving in Belgium”